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RVDC President Karen Moscato

Letter from the President

Response to the vote on Voting Rights
Members and Friends:
Yesterday, two Democratic senators and every Republican senator failed the American people and failed our Democracy. One of those Senators was from our state of Arizona; Krysten Sinema. In one of ultimate betrayal of our Democratic principles, platforms, and policies, she denied the vote to millions of people of color with her defense of the Jim Crow filibuster. Her collaboration with Mc Connell and the GOP to stop our right to vote deserves a response from us. We may be a small drop in the overall bucket, but we can certainly start a ripple!

In name of our club, I, as President, have taken the following steps in response to the disastrous vote yesterday:

  1. Interview: I was interviewed yesterday with a reporter about our support of Sinema in 2018 and how we feel about her now. I also shared with him this morning, in a follow-up email, the steps we are taking in response to her betrayal of the people of Arizona and the American people.
  2. AZ Democratic Party: They had issued a press release that they were willing to censure her if her vote was not for the voting rights bill. I contacted them this morning and asked them to be true to their word and censure her as well as stop the funding of her office. You can do the same on their contact form.
  3. Sinema: I sent a letter of rebuke to her this morning. You will find it attached to this email. I am directing that she be taken down from our web site. She does not embody nor demonstrate the principles of our club nor deserve our endorsement. The AZ GOP should not be on our web site as well. We are Democrats and support Democrats, not GOP Insurrectionists. Kelly is our Senator who cares about the rights of all people in AZ, and we will be supporting him on our page.
  4. Kelly: I sent Mark a letter of gratitude (attached to this email as well) on our behalf. He demonstrated courage and stood with the other 47 Democrats for voting rights. He deserves our thanks, and we will be putting an ad in the paper thanking him for his vote on behalf of all Arizonians.
  5. Mohave County Democrats: I emailed the leadership team sharing what we are doing in response to the vote yesterday. I also included Ron Williams, editor of the Mule, on his page, sharing our steps of response. Finally Indivisible has been notified of our response to this vote.
    Tonight, I will be on a zoom with Biden_Harris at 5pm and then Monday I will be on a zoom with Indivisible. The fight continues.

Voting Rights is trending number one on Twitter so that shows its not done nor finished. We have several things we can do as individual members:

  1. Write Sinema your own thoughts on her vote
  2. Thank Mark for his courageous vote
  3. We need to support Kelly and keep him in office in the Midterms
  4. We need to support other Democratic candidates in other states to flip them thus making Manchin and Sinema a non-issue.

Tall order I know, but grassroots movements is what moves America. We can create another blue Wave in 2022. Sinema and Manchin just gave us the energy to create the change we need to keep them silenced. Let’s move forward together in the coming months.



Hello Fellow Democrats:

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