RVD President’s Corner

President Carmen Francis

Welcome visitors and club members
This is my first letter since being elected as the President of the River Valley Democratic Club,
What we want to talk about is how and what we are going to do to move our Democracy forward. With
the Primary election just a month away, we need to get prepared.
First, we need to get focused on our first order of Business which is to get Democrats elected and the
focus should be on Secretary of State position, Attorney General and in Arizona, Senator and Governor.
And if we had Democrats on the ballot in our county, they would be included but since we don’t, then
we will focus on state and of course Senator Kelly. We will be working on getting meet and greets set up
for as many as we can get to come to Mohave County. I am starting with Adrian Fontes for Secretary of
State, that is probably one of the most important people in an election year. I currently have a date of
June 29th for Adrian to be in Mohave County, specifically Bullhead City. We will share his time with
other cities in the county. The more interface he has with the public the more votes he will get. You will
know as soon as I get the dates confirmed for other candidate appearances.
Recently, I received a list of petitions that need to be signed:
• Right to Reproductive Freedom
• Arizona Protection from Predatory Debt Collection Act
• Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections
• The Voters’ Right to Know Act (otherwise known as Stop Dark Money)
If you have not signed, please let us know and we will get a petition for you to sign.
There are several social media programs that I would highly recommend you watch. Sunday Square off –
8:00AM Sunday Morning on Channel 12 (Direct TV) or local NBC station
Brahm Resnick is the commentator, and it is AZ bipartisan politics.
Comes on right after Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. You probably are already watching the Jan 6,
hearings, that seems to be all that is on at present. It is necessary for us to know and see exactly what
happened so we can cast our ballots accordingly. Our vote is our VOICE.
If you are on FB, our group is up and running, “River Valley Democratic Club”, you are invited to join and
can request friends to join.
As I close for this month, I will leave you with ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’.
“Norman Bradford
SPREAD THE WORD: The most important candidates for which to vote are Democratic STATE Attorneys
General and Secretaries of State. The Repugs are trying their best to take those positions in order to
control VOTING RIGHTS…!”
Carmen Francis

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