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Mission: Impossible Or is it?

Friends of Democracy:

How many of us watched Jim Phelps get his instructions for another “Mission Impossible” each week? Tom Cruise updated the franchise with his Mission Impossible tasks only to come out as Jim’s team did: Mission Possible!  They did the impossible and successfully executed the mission.

Living in Mohave County for four years has taught me that those of us who love democracy and the right to vote seems like we are in an impossible mission. Just look at the stats from the Secretary of State for Arizona below:

We have 118,292 inactive Democrats in this state. We have 182,024 in- active Independents in this state. If you look at the Mohave County stats:

  • April 2021 24 Precincts Registered Voters
  • Democratic    21, 558
  • Libertarian     939
  • Republican    71,800
  • Other              44,129
  • Total:              138,426
  • Population:    212, 181
  • 73,755 people are not registered to vote!

If the above stats do not scare you, driving around town still seeing Trump flags and bumper stickers should help us realize this may look impossible to flip Mohave County into sanity.  Or is it?

Maybe we look at the situation from a different angle. Our state GOP legislatures are the carnival barkers hawking the Big Lie. They are the ones behind the embarrassing audit of our clean election in which we know no fraud took place. We only need one seat in the AZ House and one seat in the AZ Senate to take control of the madness that has engulfed our state. The strategy must be for us to get to know and support the Democratic candidates running not only in Mohave County, but in ALL the counties in the state.

For example, get to know Dr. Friese from Tucson running for Congress on the Democratic ticket. How about Michael Muscato in the 8th District running as a Democrat? Look at Arizona’s 6th Congressional seat with Jevin Hodge running as a Democrat. They need our support as well as our own Democrats running in Mohave County. Yes, you may not be able to vote for them, but we can spread the word on their candidacy. We can monetarily support them. We can contribute letters to the editor in their newspapers for their support.

Looking at Mohave County, with the numbers we must overcome, needs to be the second rung on our ladder for victory in 2022. We need to get the inactive active and register the unregistered. We need to help our candidates with name recognition, letters to the editor, post card campaigns, meet the candidates zoom meetings as well as in person meeting, large and small. We may not flip our county, but maybe we look at helping the larger blue counties gain in their elections and make a sizeable dent in our county. Afterall, once we gain control of the AZ House and Senate, it will be best for all Arizonans!

So, let us get the vote out for a Blue Arizona! Will you accept this mission and join us? If not now; WHEN?

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