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RVDC President Karen Moscato

Letter from the President


We can Change the Outcome

They were in too deep. They had to move to silence her with the truth. They could not have her in the “party” and not holding up the lie they have created and perpetuated to stay in power. She would ruin their plans. Besides, the Evil One has threatened them all with annihilation. They had to do his bidding or suffer the consequences. And in their mind the consequences would be grave. Didn’t they experience firsthand what he can unleash on them in January? Didn’t they run for their lives, scared to death what his mob would do to them if caught? If that did not scare them into submission nothing would. And scare them it did……

Do you think this is fiction from a novel? No, my friends, this is the continuation of the Trump takeover of America. Our country is teetering on the brink of collapse. What is holding her up are the Americans who are fighting the Big Lie and are running against the Trump machine.  

The Republican Party is no more. It’s only the party of Trump and the never Trumpers who are forming their own party. How will that affect the 2022 Midterm elections? The Midterms are more vital to governing than the Presidential election because as we have seen for years it is gridlock unless one party has the clear majority.  

We can change the narrative and save our Democracy from the hostile takeover of Trump and his minions. We can vote. We can check our voting status to ensure we were not purged by the insane anti-voting bills across America. We can call and write our representatives demanding change or we will fire them at the ballot box. Still do not believe we have the power? Remember when Mc Connell and Trump wanted to gut the ACA? They did not do it because the American people stood up and said no. They said no in calls and emails. They said no and fired the ones who wanted to gut the ACA like Mc Sally in Arizona.  The polls tell us that the American people are behind the bills that the Biden/Harris team want to implement. Given that the Trump GOP will not govern in a bipartisan manner it is up to us to change the dynamic in Washington.

So, make those calls and write those emails. Keep abreast of the candidates running for office and know what they support in terms of serving us the American people. Check your voting status and re-register if you must in order vote in 2022. Delete the noise and use your power to change Washington. We can do it together.

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