Economic Development

We know that a strong economy creates jobs, invests in education, and utilizes natural resources wisely. We support the expansion of the city’s manufacturing, agricultural, and tourism sectors, as well as federal jobs. We understand that equitable and sustainable practices will make these local and small businesses thrive. We need to bolster organized labor that is effective and accountable to members and the public, as we believe that collective bargaining and unions built and help maintain the city’s middle class. We advocate for a higher, livable and equal minimum wage for men and women to help them provide for their families, while eliminating the gender wage gap.


We believe in access to quality education that engages students creatively whether that is at a public, charter, or home school. Schools must keep class sizes small and receive essential resources to be effective, including adequate funding, higher teacher wages, parental engagement, and community involvement. Continuing education, including university, technical and community colleges, and vocational programs, just provide clear career paths to employment without creating crippling debt. Both public and charter schools should be accountable to elected public boards to demonstrate how they use public funds.


We strongly believe in a scientific and data driven approach to understanding our environment. Careful stewardship and targeted regulation to keep the air, soil, and water clean ensures the protection of public health and helps to make BHC an attractive place to live and work. We support the creation and promotion of clean technologies through private industry and government incentives that helps strengthen the local economy, creating skilled, high-paying jobs. We encourage the use of fuel-efficient, low-polluting vehicles and alternative or higher quality fuels that keep the air in BHC free of harmful toxins.

Equality and Opportunity

We affirm a strong commitment to strengthening all families, including those considered nontraditional. Residents in our society of all genders and orientations are entitled to equal rights, pay and other freedoms afforded by the Constitution and rule of law. We advocate for a non-discrimination ordinance in BHC to ensure that these rights are guaranteed. Residents deserve assistance in access to information and services to enhance their well-being and preserve their quality of life. We call for an increase in the number of women serving in political offices throughout the city, county, state, and nation to bring diversity to our representation and leadership.

Health Care

We affirm that healthcare is a basic human right and all residents should have access to quality and affordable care. We support efficient and effective public health programs that are accountable to citizens and their representatives. We believe universal heath care is the most equitable way to achieve this goal, keeping Americans from being bankrupted by medical debt, while eliminating costs and need for insurance. While the federal government works toward that goal, we call upon Arizona lawmakers to expand Medicaid to provide greater access to care for the most vulnerable in our community.

Honest & Open Government

We demand transparency, accountability, and above all, ethics from our selected officials. Decisions made by local government must be open to public review. We call for publicly-funded elections to minimize the influence of money in our democracy. Such a system allows any citizen to run for office, not just the most wealthy. We call upon state leaders to abolish the gerrymandering of our legislative districts that has created the most divisive and partisan politics in our city, county state, and nation’s history.


We promote respect, dignity, inclusion, trust, and equality of all people . We call upon law enforcement to focus on criminal activities and not civil violations of federal code. We oppose the unnecessary separation of families and acknowledge the intrinsic and historic role of immigrants in our economy. We encourage all residents, businesses, and community leaders of BHC to learn more about the unique contributions of our immigrant and refugee communities, finding ways to engage with and support these indiviuals, as we are a nation that values diversity and the contributions of all ethnicities.


We call for maintenance on and expansion of public utilities and infrastructure, including roads, bridges, waterways, and mass transit systems to connect BHC with the rest of Mohave County valley. We support an increase in investment for internet infrastructure that will bring access to every home, especially those in rural communities. We call upon our local representatives to advocate for BHC at the county and state level, ensuring that we are making critical infrastructure investments that will keep our economy growing and thriving.

Public Safety

We support the city’s public safety officials in their efforts to build trust between themselves and the public, protecting and serving all BHC residents. We call for increased funding for wages and professional training. We advocate for responsible firearm ownership, including education for safe use and storage, as well as common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. We oppose the militarization of our public safety entities, encouraging them to adopt a community policing model. We advocate for citizen representation on Use of Force Boards to provide public oversight. We advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to be heard and perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Social Safety Net

We support programs that help homeless, disabled, elderly, and low-income citizens and families break the cycle of poverty. We also support an accountable and targeted social safety net that helps residents return to work to support themselves and their families during life-changing situations, such as job loss, illness, or disaster. We see partnerships with local educational institutions and nonprofits as a way to train or retrain people to find better work as a critical component.


We value the service of our veterans, believing that they deserve proper care and support, physically, mentally and economically. We believe that the acceptable way to support our armed forces is to limit military operations to those that are absolutely necessary and to make the best quality medical care easily accessible to veterans.