April 18, 2021

Mohave Valley Daily News 12,26,2020

The Right Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2019-2020

The Loss of

Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Dear Members and Friends:

Our hearts are heavy and broken with the loss of this heroine and champion for equal rights. We have endured much this year; but RBG’s strength and courage in all her suffering for us will never be lost or diminished as we continue her legacy. For it is up to us to take up the baton that she passed to us.

We Democrats shattered the Act Blue’s donation records in the hours after Justice’s Ginsberg’s death. It was reported that donors gave more money online in the 9pm hour after RBG’s death- 6.2 million – than any other single hour since Act Blue, the donation processing site, was launched 16 years ago! Then we broke the record again in the 10 pm hour when donors gave another 6.3 million – more than $100,000 per minute in her memory.

But we know we need more than money; we need to keep fighting, as we all know the scoundrel Mitch McConnell is, with no principles or ethics. John Dean Tweeted this morning, that Joe Biden must announce if the GOP rushes to pack the Court, the Dems will expand the SCOTUS to 11 justices, and expand the lower courts by 70 to 100 new judgeships, which have long been needed. In short he will depoliticize the federal judiciary. This is something Pete spoke about frequently in his campaign.

We know much more is at stake now, with our champion gone. Biden needs Miami-Dade County in Florida and huge wins everywhere in order for the election to be over quickly in November. We must gain the Senate now more than ever, and of course retain the House. McSally already has pledged to vote to replace RBG on the court, which is why we need Kelly elected!

We are the wounded healers for our country. When we can trust that God is in our suffering, our wounds become sacred wounds and the actual and ordinary of life’s journey becomes holy. So we are wounded now, but we must carry on and heal our country which is in so much pain. It will come at a price, but it’s one I am willing to pay to protect our Democracy. Thank you for walking with me as together we will overcome anything!

Rest in Peace Justice Ginsberg! We will carry you forever in our hearts and in our actions for justice.



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Mark Kelly Fund Raiser Sept.

September 20th 2019 – River Valley Democratic Club hosts the Mark Kelly Fundraiser Luncheon . RVDC Officers with Democratic Senate Candidate Mark Kelly.

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