The real Paul Gosar?

April 20, 2021

Faced with week after week of mass public shootings, I picked up the Mohave Valley Daily News for a little escape. Instead, I read Congressman Paul Gosar’s words in Letter to the Editor.

I wondered, is this the same Paul Gosar who hosted rallies encouraging the Capital insurrection/terrorist actions on Jan. 6? Turns out it is. Is this the Arizona representative whose siblings went public about their concern over their brother’s cruel intentions when it comes to immigration? Yes, it’s the same person.

So I’m thinking no wonder Gosar is unhappy with President Joe Biden’s small gesture toward gun safety.

Biden simply wants to limit ghosted guns (kits that turn pistols into automatic rifles) and deepen background checks to include mental health and spousal abuse databases.

Of course, the Gosar who backed home grown terrorists is against gun legislation that would help keep newly purchased guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminally abusive. Never mind that Biden doesn’t want to take away anyone’s guns, politicians like Gosar thrive on fear.

Biden’s sensible border policies are another problem for Gosar. they include finding American families willing to foster lone children (rather than leave them sleeping on concrete floors or chasing toddlers back across the border to fend for themselves).

To find and punish human smugglers Biden is increasing, not decreasing border security personnel. Biden’s long term solution to immigration is to help stabilize nearby counries immigrants are fleeing from.

Gosar has a single mandate–call all illegals drug smugglers and rapists. That’s it so far.

Which is why he no longer represents what this growing district needs. How can Gosar be expected to keep us safe–with his own history of promoting violent actions without considering the consequences?

I’m betting he can’t.

Rebecca Highstreet, Mohave Valley

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