April 1, 2021


The Grand Old Party of Qanon and Trump (GOPQT) has finally admitted that it has absolutely no interest in governing.

With a policy of “own the libs,” and with the voter suppression law recently passed in Georgia, which has emboldened the state Republican politicians here in Arizona, the GOPQT is saying it wants to install its own form of apartheid.

If you think now, look around our town at the proliferation of “F*** Biden” flags. Clearly, the GOPQT, through tolerance of these flags, is saying they have no intention of bipartisan governing.

Their plan, if there is any plan at all, is to simply rule.

The letter-writer (March 26-27 edition of the Daily News) asks the right questions. I would ask the same: would, or is the owner’s mother proud of that flag? Is the owner beaming with pride dropping off children at Sunday school? Does the owner light it up so neighbors can see it at night?

Here’s an added question, what kind of reaction do you think the many children that travel on school buses everyday have?

That flag is representative of what the owner thinks of the country and that really concerns me and my family.

I hope it concerns yours.

Linda Hall, Bullhead City

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