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December 6, 2020


Ignorance I must admit. I am at war with my soul. I am a Catholic Christian and Advent is one of the most sacred times in the liturgical year.

We light four candles; one a week for different charisms to come into our world. They are peace, joy, love and hope. We are the bearers of this gifts to one another.

So why am I at war with my soul? Ignorant people. Everyone has their pet peeves and mine is ignorance. You see, I love learning, studying, being challenged with new ways of doing things. Then God puts in my path an ignorant person who decides not to wear a mask. Or another ignorant person who is denying our very soul of democracy, our free elections. And why?


That is the only sane answer I can come up with in this world of verifying facts and data. Yet in my prayer reflection this Advent, Jesus was confronted with ignorance his whole life. They did not believe in his divinity and today there are still doubters. The prophets of old were scorned as they tried to teach ignorant people the ways of God. So, I guess I am in good company.

So here is a simple test for us all. President-elect Joe Biden wants us to take a 100-day challenge and wear masks. Let us look at the numbers before we all mask up and then 100 days later let us look at the data. Please, no ignorant commernts on how the data will be false.

Humor me, OK?

If there is no change I will be on the side of the no maskers; but in the chance we saved lives, can go back to school and start living a normal life after the challenge, that’s not so bad a price to pay is it?

So, if you mask up and take the challenge, I promise I will be working on my pet peeve of ignorance. It is a win-win! And we might just start a revolution here in Bullhead City of looking at facts and data and making informed decisions instead of living in ignorance,

Karen Moscato

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