Republic in jeopardy?

April 9, 2021


Is our democratic republic in jeopardy? Georgia just passed a law making giving people water or food while standing in line to vote a crime. Other voter supression laws as well.

Arizona is trying to put together a bill to eliminate the Permanent Early Voting List; 80% of Arizona citizens vote by mail. The bill number is SB1485.

If you want to vote by mail, you will need to enclose an affidavit in your ballot envelope as proof of ID. My guess is, the affidavit is a notarized copy as proof of ID) or a copy of your Voter Registration Card or both. How many of you know where your Voter Registration Card is or have access to a printer? The bill number SB1713.

These states laws are all fueled by the former president saying in 2016 “if I lose the election, it is rigged.” He didn’t lose but kept that mantra going for four more years. President Donald Trump filed a letter on inauguration day Jan. 20, 2017, notifying the Federal Elections Commission that he had met the legal threshold for filing for reelection in 2020. We all know that he lost the 2020 election but he was never man enough to acknowledge that fact even though 60 lawsuits were thrown out of court for lack of evidence. Now our democratic republic is in jeopardy.

Former Trump lawyer and conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell is being sued by Dominion for $1.3 billion in damages after repeatedly claiming the company played a role in a far-reaching conspiracy to rid the White House of Trump by rigging voting machines. According to the lawyers, Dominion’s descriptions of Powell’s statements as “wild accusations” and “outlandish claims” support the idea that a reasonable person would not automatically believe her.

Now, the Arizona Senate is demanding a recount of the votes in Maricopa County. That is the latest malfunction of the Arizona Legislature. What I don’t understand is the election of Republicans on the ballots were all good and legal while on the same ballot the vote for Biden was “rigged.”

As I recall, Maricopa County ballots already have been counted maybe four times. Once on election day. Second on recount after complaints made. Three and four by two independent firms to substantiate the first two counts. And now the Arizona Senate wants to count the ballots again and even got approval from a judge to do so.

What is the Arizona Senate trying to do, bankrupt the state or county? My take is “to recount the ballots over and over again expecting to get different results is a sure sign of insanity on the part of the Arizona Atate Senate.”

Get over the past election, become a reasonable person” and get on with current business endeavors.

My suggestion to those reading this, contact your local representatives and senator regarding your voting rights and voter supresssion.

Election 2022 is really not that far away.

Carmen Francis, Bullhead City

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