Raising the bar

November 20, 2020


When a recent letter to the editor decried the “lowering of the bar” to the presidency, I was certain he was talking about Donald Trump.  That bar was decisively lowered with the 2016 candidacy and election of Trump, who trash-talked his way through the campaign, boasted of sexual abuse(the Axis Hollywood tape), signed nondisclosures with porn stars and Playboy models, made fun of the disabled etc.  His campaign rallies were replete with vulgarity and profanity, words I’m sure this paper would refuse to print.

Ah yes, and he was so qualified, having suffered multiple bankruptcies, a forced shutdown of his “university”, and the forced closure of the Trump “foundation”.   There were his refusals to pay contractors and workers.  All of this is a mater of record.  His various grifts left a trail a mile long.  You could almost feel that bar being lowered.

It’s unbelievable that anyone would actually be impressed by Trump “donating” his paycheck.   With one hand he held out that paycheck, but the other hand was buried deeply in the taxpayer’s pocket, as millions of taxpayer dollars went to Trump businesses, especially Mar-a-Lago, and properties as far afield as Scotland and Ireland.  This is also a matter of record, and no one who pays attention is fooled.  The presidency turned out to be a good business move for Trump. 

His opponent, President-elect Joe Biden, has spent his life in public service.  Trump tried moving heaven and earth to create dirt on Biden—or at least his son—and even ace henchmen Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr couldn’t come up with anything, even though Trump screamed at Barr “ARREST SOMEBODY”, 2020s version of “Lock her up!”  It was Trump’s Hail Mary, and it came up empty.

Finally, to address the many misconceptions about COVID 19 that abound.  It is highly contagious, more than the flu or a cold.  Unlike the flu, we do not yet have a vaccine for it.  And it is much more deadly.  In 2018-19 flu season, the flu killed 34,200 Americans.  So far this year, American COVID-19 deaths exceed 250,000.  And we’re still studying COVID 19, and don’t yet understand the recurring and long-lasting effects of catching it.

Trump weaponized the virus by politicizing it, and it ended up defeating him.  Trump’s super-spreader rallies helped to kindle the raging COVID fire that is now sweeping across America.  Dr. Anthony Fauci warned us this would happen.  And Trump’s refusal to allow the transition f administrations deprives the Biden team of vial information needed to enact their COVID response, and guarantees that more Americans surely will die.

A record number of Americans voted for Biden.  There were no rallies because he respected the health and welfare of his staff and supporters.  He ran his campaign with one hand tied behind his back.  It was a courageous and heart-felt move.  Maybe Biden is only an ordinary, decent man.  But these qualities definitely have resulted in a raising of the bar.

Craig Stacey, Bullhead City

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