Oppose water transfer

November 20, 2020


I’d like to express my opposition to the proposed transfer of Colorado River water, that has been set aside for use in Mohave County, to replenish central Arizona.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors has, at least twice, passed resolutions opposing the permanent transfer of water to central Arizona.  One was the “Quartzsite” transfer, another was the “Mohave Valley” transfer.

My opposition is based on the simple premise that we here in Mohave County need the water to grow and prosper just like anyone else.  Diverting the water to central Arizona would be, in effect, a death blow to our towns.  I offer Needles, California, as an example of what happens when a municipality sells off it’s water.

Please join me and tell our state representatives that our water is our water.

Rich Hall, Bullhead City

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