My yellow brick road

April 6, 2021


In response to Tina Moore’s yellow brick road journey (Letter to the Editor, March 19 edition of the Mohave Valley Daily News), I would like to offer another yellow brick road: one of sanity and truth.

You see the nonsense that unfortunately falls into her lap. I share this observation as her name-calling of fellow Americans as “Lenin-lovers” is the nonsense and hateful language that really needs to stop and is not welcome on the journey to sanity and truth in America.

The Civil War, as a reminder, was fought by patriots to keep our union together from the seditionists like Robert E. Lee. We don’t have a statue to Benedict Arnold nor should we honor people who wanted to break up our country.

They should be in our history books and not as a place of worship and honor.

What disrespects our Constitution, I would argue, is the way we have destroyed the Native American culture, their land, and their heritage.

Just because someone has no empathy or supports diversity does not mean that we should continue to name sports teams after derogatory, stereotype names of fellow Americans.

As for “cancel culture”, the GOP has coined that phrase and has used it for everything that is not white America. Closing churches was a blessing as it saved millions of lives. I only wish everyone’s spirituality and love of practicing faith were not tied to a physical building. As a practicing Catholic, I have not physically attended Mass for over a year and have still retained my faith and love of my church through this pandemic.

The bricks on my road to truth were laid with scientific fact and critical thinking skills. Now, lets complete our journey to understanding the bill known as HR1. HR1 expands Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduces the influence of big money in politics and strengthens ethics rules for public servants.

The League of Women Voters has endorsed the legislation, saying that it would make “our election system more free, fair, and accessible to all eligible Americans,” and highlighting its inclusion of same-day and automatic registration, and small-donor matching funds.

It appears that what Ms. Moore is afraid of is her candidates losing an election. She wants the status quo or white America but has not opened her heart or eyes to what our great country has gained from its diverse cultures and peoples.

Ms. Moore and I agree on one thing: Americans do deserve better. They deserved a plan to eradicate the virus. They deserved a plan to get our economy up and running again. They deserved a plan to help the unemployed,

And one question: What did you do with your checks?

Karen Moscato, Bullhead City

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