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September 2, 2020


Years back, we all knew Republicans were the party of the rich–controlled by far right think-tanks and big Wall Street money. But their anti-middle class roots left them starving for voters. So it’s no surprise the Heritage Foundation (mega swamp) experts got inside the head of good, small-town people like ourselves. To find out what we rural voters hate. To sdcare us and get us to the polls to vote for their candidates.

Conservative paranoia hawkers–like radio’s Michael Savage of the Savage Nation–have blasted the airwaves with Democrat-hating rants ever since. Calling Democrats socialists and commie lovers. These good ol’ boy Republican mouthpieces make listeners believe they have a ring-side seat to liberal Washington shenanigans. But these “us versus them” peddlers are simply blindsiding the truth. That is, Republicans do not support programs for the middle class. They never have, they never will.

Now that the election’s over and COVID-19 is raging, the ;real party of the middle class, the Democrats, are setting the record straight. First we Democrats believe your Medicare and your Affordable Care Act are rights–not privileges–with Republican courts gunning for them. During the pandemic, they’ve become true lifesavers.

We Democrats don’t want a socialist government. We do want a fair tax on the wealthy to build safer roads, faster rural internet and to help invest in green jobs locally. People earning more than $400,000 a year can afford a small tax increase. Democrat want to lessen your economic burden–not have you pay hundreds of times more than fat-pocketed Republican donors.

Republican Presidents have notoriously been big spenders. This time is no different. I’ve paid into Social Security for years so why should I let Republicans’ reckless spending kill it? Small business initiatives are another priority. How can we ensure both? For starters Democrats plan on keeping your Social Security fund solvent. Giant corporations finally can start contributing their part too. I’m not going to shed a tear if companies like Facebook and MyPillow pay a few dollars more.

As the economy falters, some of us are torn between work and homeschooling. Too many have lost jobs. Can you imagine if your unemployment benefits didn’t exist? Part of our paychecks contribute to an unemployment insurance fund, just like Social Security but just when they are needed, rich Congressional Republicans block them. It’s your money, not the Republicans’.

Oh sure, Republicans conspiracy gossips can stir up the hate–but anti healthcare (pharmaceuticals), anti-retirement (Wall Streeters) and anti-drinkable water and natural resource (fossil fuel) companies are their real bosses. That’s why I’m proud to be a Democrat-the party of, for and by the middle class. As we move forward as a county and a country, we’d love to have you join us.

Rebecca Highstreet, Mohave Valley

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