Gosar needs to speak the truth

May 19, 2021


On May 7, MVDN published an account of Congressman Paul Gosar’s appearance at the MALC graduation ceremony. It is fortunate indeed to have a sitting congressman attend a local graduation; it is, however, unfortunate in the extreme when that congressman happens to be Paul Gosar.

From taking a leading part in the attack on our nation’s capitol, to attempting to cancel the votes of Arizona citizens in the presidential election, to making the key note speech at the America First Political Action Conference, a white supremacist group consisting of Nazi sympathizers, anti-Semites and white nationalists, Mr. Gosar has ben busy promoting a political agenda that is bent on attacking the heart of American ideals, such as the sanctity of the vote, racial equality, and the rule of law.

White supremacy and associated militia have been identified as thje number one domestic threat to our country by the attorney general of the United States.

This I’m sure Mr. Gosar did not bother to mention to those graduates listening to him.

Instead, Mr. Gosar spoke of “freedom of speech.” A lofty principle to be sure.

Someone once said that freedom is not free; there is a price to be paid for it. The price agreed to be a paid for freedom of speech, in the public arena, should be a promise to speak the truth.

The “Big Lie” that the former president, in spite of losing the election by nearly 8 million votes, somehow acutally won the election, is broadcast by Mr. Gosar every chance he gets.

He doesn’t mention the fact that every single vote in Arizona was recounted, with bipartisan monitors. He doesn’t mention that the “Big Lie” has lost in court time and time again. If he is going to invoke “freedom of speech”, the price Mr. Gosar needs to pay is speaking the truth.

Enough of this nonsense. He tried to cancel my vote; let him stand before those graduates and tell them that.

Or, better yet, treat those graduates to a video appearance by Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

Until this week she ranked No. 3 in the Republican confessional leadership, long-time arch conservative, daughter of former vice-president. In a towering act of political and moral courage Ms. Cheney threw away everything–her position in her caucus, and possibly her office as well–to show the world that truth and principles still matter to her, if not to her party;

It was absolutely stunning, and I was both gratified that she did it, and horrified that she had to do it. As all Americans should be.

Liz Cheney exercised her freedom of speech, told the truth, and her colleagues knee-capped her for it. I have boundless admiration for such an individual. These are the people we ned speaking to our youth. Not the Gosars of the world.

Craig Stacey, Bullhead City

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