Doing their bidding

January 13, 2021


Now that foreign entities have seen that there are American terrorists who will invade a state (Michigan) and federal capital buildings while both are in session, what’s to prevent those foreign entities from recruiting, financing, equipping, and advising these domestic terrorists?

Sound far-fetched? If, on Jan. 5, anyone would have predicted what happened on Jan. 6 they would have been told that was far-fetched, too.

This far-right Trumpian idealism has not only gone far enough, it’s gone too far. The time has come to abandon Donald Trump and the dream of a white-controlled America and come back to reality, like it or not. If you don’t, more of what happened on Jan. 6 will continue, made stronger by our enemies now that they know they have home grown terrorists to do their bidding.

Rich Hall, Bullhead City

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