Delinquent tax notices

December 23, 2020


Just a thought but wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to also provide the public notice of delinquent taxes on local Bullhead City property in the classifieds with an alphabetical name sort?

As well, it would be good to have a front page “yellow post-it note” printed on the top of the front page that further pops that info list in the classifieds to the public and directs their attention there as many people don’t bother to read further into the paper and completely look through all the classified listings.

For me, after the weather and sports sections, if there’s no puppy photos or lost dogs in the classifieds, most days I never look at all the classified listings. And many homeowners are older, it’s really hard to read the smaller print and if the listings are in an alpha name search format, in addition to the lot number sort, I think it would help immeasurably, I’m sure.

I jjust found one listing of a long-time tax client and I will be calling him today. He is older and hard of hearing and I’d bet $1,000 right now that he hasn’t seen this listing.

The title on the page should be in bigger print and in bold caps.

Gary Shapiro, Bullhead City

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