Bewilderment and hope

February 22, 2021


A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, Wayne Tate, a Navy veteran like I am, asked if I would write down how I felt about our country since the Jan. 6 insurrection in the nation’s capital.

I think Tom Hansen’s letter (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14) said it very well, but I’ll give it a go.

Sadness, for sure, anger, absolutely. I will seethe at images of those nitwits storming the Capitol. But mostly I feel bewilderment.

See, I have to go back a little further than Jan. 6.

I’m bewildered by what happened to the GOP. It’s been so totally hijacked by QAnon and Donald Trump that it could more accurately be called the GOPQT.

I’m bewildered by the GOPQT’s proclamations. They proclaim to be the beacon on the hill, but when immigrants show up on our border and say help us live a better life than we have, help us be like you, the GOPQT responds by taking the children from their parents, putting the kids in cages, and sending the parents away. Then they don’t bother themselves to keep good enough records on the children to know what happened to half of them.

They proclaim to be all inclusive, but this summer when Black Lives Matter said enough, stop using us for target practice , the GOPQT responded with violence and massive police and National Guard rollouts.

And when Asian-Americans said stop pushing us in front of commuter trains or beating us senseless when we get off a bus just because we’re Asian, the GOPQT responded with silence. Not a word.

Hear no evil, see no evil?

Then there’s Blue Lives Matter. When the thin blue line got in their way they responded by dragging the police down the steps and beating them.

The GOPQT has no plan to govern our country, only to rule. And when they say rule, they mean absolute rule by white conservatives.

White liberals and all others may live here, but it’s “our house, our rule.”

They seem to think this can be attained by installing Trump on a throne and continuing their “weird worship of one dude” as Sen. Ben Sasse (R_Nebraska) so eloquently put it.

And I’m bewildered by how many of my brothers and sisters in the veteran community could misconstrue their oaths to give this “weird worship” legitimacy.

They have become the very thing they swore to defend America from.

Even at this minute the GOPQT is feverishly at work at both the state and national levels of government to push their election fraud cause, while giving short service to all the other problems facing our state and country.

Around our nation white supremacy groups are preparing for battle in support of the GOPQT.

However, I haven’t given up. I still feel that Republicans, what’s left of them, Democrats and Independents can come up with an extinguisher for this dumpster fire and get America back to being America again.

What I feel, I guess, as a veteran, is hope along with my bewilderment.

Rich Hall, Navy Seabee veteran, Bullhead City

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