Extremely frustrated

February 12, 2021


What about us in Mohave County who are over 65 and waiting for our first COVID-19 vaccination? In my extreme frustration, this letter has been rewritten many times since the wee hours of today. I’m so very frustrated with the lack of roll-out Bullhead City/Mohave County.

What about us?

Those of us under 75 but way over 65 who registered at the Embry site at Mohave Community College. We read in the paper that Arizona was vaccinating residents over 65. We waited in line only to be turned away because Mohave County is 75 and over.

And then, to read that over 500 expired vaccines doses were destroyed-unconscionable.

What about us?

Still, on this date in Mohave County, it remains 75 and over. And there’s no reliable information as to when 65-and-older will be started. Driving past the Embry site at Mohave Community College there is hardly a car there. Open it up to serve the citizens who are in the next age group so we can reduce the chances of getting sick and spreading it more and more.

Why is Mohave one of four counties in Arizona still working on 75-and-over? We are among the highest per-capita infection and mortality rates in the state. I am glad the State Farm Stadium in Phoenix is open 24/7 for residents 65 and over and getting very positive press but what about us in the out-lying communities and counties that remain in limbo and stuck with the higher age requirement.

Where are our vaccines?

Are you keeping them in Phoenix? It’s just time to open the next level and take care of your citizens in all counties of Arizona.

I am extremely frustrated.

Joani Wright, Bullhead City

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  1. Re: Joani Writght’s letter on Covid…

    Indeed, what about us? Originally, Mohave County was being given only 3000 of AZ’s allotment of 300,000 doses per week. Given that our county has about 3% of the state population, why are we only getting 1% of the doses. Even worse, Mohave County has about 5% of the state’s 65+ population!

    According to Grace Hecht, our “local politicians” finally acted, and now we’re getting 8000 doses a week. That’s an improvement, to 2.67% of the state’s weekly allotment, but only about half what we should be getting based on how many senior need to be vaccinated here.

    You would think that a County whose GOP state representatives are part of both chambers leadership (Biasiucci is House majority whip, Borelli is Senate majority whip) would at least prove useful in ensuring that the people they represent get their fair share of vaccine in the middle of a pandemic. But they are too focused on figuring out ways to suppress voter turnout in future elections to actually serve their constituents.

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