Don’t be complacent

October 14, 2020


Sup. Hildy Angius wants to remove Mohave County’s emergency 0

First, masks are for keeping each other safe, not just for protecting ourselves.

Second, what about the children?  They are not immune, and they take their sues from adults.  Many children right here in our own county have contracted CoViD-19—thank God not one child has died here.  They have elsewhere.  We need to set a good example.

Third, isn’t it obvious that the numbers off cases in Mohave County dropped because many of us were wearing masks?  Imagine if everyone had.  Maybe there wouldn’t be almost 4,000 cases and over 200 dead here in our own little, relatively unpopulated county.  Imagine if the entire U.S. population had worn masks and distanced right from the start.  Maybe there wouldn’t be more than 7 million cases and over 210,000 deaths across the country.

President Donald Trump knew in early February that COVID-19 was “deadly stuff” transmitted through the air.  Imagine if from the beginning he had been truthful with us about this virus and set the example by wearing a mask himself.  How many people would have followed that example so ether they or others around them had not gotten COVID-19 and/or died from it?

Businesses would not have had to be shut down for so long if mitigation measures had been put in place immediately.  But instead Trump called it a Democratic hoax and claimed it would magically disappear by April.

It’s October and the numbers of cases and deaths continue to rise.  As we go into the fall and winter months, they are expected to once again spike.

When Trump contracted COVID-19, his doctors didn’t give him hydroxychloroquine, inject him with bleach or have him stand in the sun.  He received the very latest in medicine at taxpayer expense.

Now is not the time to become complacent.  COVID-19 will be with us for several more months at the very least, until a vaccine is developed, tested, manufactured and distributed to everyone.

This takes time.

Listen to the experts who continue to stress the importance of masks and distancing.

I, too, am experiencing COVID fatigue.  I’m tired of wearing a mask, distancing from my friends and family, and staying home most of the time.  But, to keep them safe, I continue to do just that.

Ruby Miller, Bullhead City

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