Welcome to the River Valley Democrats of Bullhead City

We are politically active and engaged in our communities and country whose purpose is to share our Democratic values. We are watching as our once trusted Republican party is morphing into the conspiracy theory party. Here in Arizona thousands of former GOP voters have joined the Arizona State Democratic party since the insurrection on January 6, 2021. They no longer can support the domestic terrorist agenda and the conspiracy theories that encourage the killing of fellow Americans and elected officials. They hope they find a home with us- and know we welcome you with no judgment to learn about us.

Now here is a fun fact you should know:

Registering as a Democrat does not mean you must always vote for a Democrat. Of course, we hope you do, as we hope through shared dialogue you may come to see we are more alike than different! We also understand for many, registering as an Independent gives you the feeling your options are open and that you are not tied down. However, consider this; registering as a Democrat does not have to mean you are in a straitjacket. It means being part of a large organization that carries more weight when we want to support legislation for the good of the American people like preserving health care and Social Security.

So please look around our website and if you want to come and see what we are all about; come to one of our zoom meetings. You have a home as an American who wants what is best our beloved country with us; that is the common ground where we all start.


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